PPI Refunds

If you have yet to make a PPI refunds claim for fees on a mis sold payment protection insurance policy now is certainly the time to do so. The number of people making claims is rising all the time – indeed, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is dealing with 2000 new complaints about PPI every working day – and there are many thousands of people who have yet to claim. With an industry average repayment, so far, of a £2750 per policy it is very much worth your while, so let’s have a look at the scandal in more detail, and at how best to make a claim.

PPI Refunds and You

The PPI refunds scandal emerged after the authorities acted upon a number of complaints alleging the mis-selling of the product. An investigation discovered that many lenders were routinely flouting the regulations regarding the sale of PPI and, as a result, the lenders involved – many of them high street names – were handed heavy fines, and the rules amended to protect the consumer. We have a team of experienced claims handlers ready to help you in any way necessary in getting your claim underway, and we are waiting for your call.

More about PPI Refunds

The sheer scale of the PPI refunds scandal is confirmed by the fact that many industry analysts estimate the final cost of repayments, across all lenders involved, may run into the tens of billions. Furthermore, the banks and lenders have been forced to take on – so far – some 6000 additional staff to deal with the saga. With figures such as these it is obvious why this PPI scandal has been labelled the worst of all time in the UK banking industry, and it is one that has severely dented already poor public confidence in the banks.

How to Claim your PPI Refunds

If you wish to use a claims handling company to make your PPI refunds case, and many people choose to do so, then we have a team of experienced claims handlers who understand the needs of the client in every way. We will handle your claim on a no win no fee* basis in order that you are not charged in the event we are unsuccessful, and we will also keep you informed as to progress at all times during the procedure. If you have a valid claim why not get in touch and we will do all we can to help?


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